Friday, December 23, 2011

school is out

jack had a little program at school on wednesday which was also his last day before christmas break. the kids sang a few christmas songs including mele kalikimaka dressed in hawaiian getup, feliz navidad accompanied with homemade maraca shakers, santa clause is comin to town neil diamond style, and the dradle song. afterwards, they served donuts, hot chocolate (which i think is a common combo at christmas time) and smores. i also collected a bunch of crafts that jack had been working on all december before heading out the door for a two week long break.

i have been looking forward to christmas break for a little while now (kids aren't the only ones who look forward to those breaks). i am not a morning person so the thought of not having to get up in a panic (because i woke up late) to get jack ready, make his lunch, make him breakfast, get him dressed, wake up ava, plead with her to brush her hair, wake her up again because she fell back asleep, change jonah's diaper, get jack off the computer because his ride is here, quickly comb his hair, make jonah happy since he is crying and eden is dragging him around the house, stop to make eden breakfast because she thinks she is starving to death, try to force ava to eat breakfast, blah, blah, blah... and do all this in about 15 minutes. not having to do all of this sound great. plus, if i'm lucky, i might even get to sleep in. and by sleep in, i mean lying in my bed awake and being interrupted every 2 minutes while listening to kids fight and make messes in the nearby rooms. but, hey, i'll take it over rushed morning schedules :)

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