Saturday, December 17, 2011

saturday bribery

i promised the kids today that if they got their saturday chores done (clean up the toy room, clean their bedrooms, and put away their laundry), then i would take them to a movie.
with a few reminders of what they would get if they hurried and got their chores done, they were able to complete their tasks much faster than a normal saturday.
it's amazing what a little bribery can do.
of course, the movie they chose was chipmunks chipwrecked.
my kids will watch those chipmunk movies over and over and over again.
so, i wasn't surprised when they all voted for that movie.
all three of them did very well (jason and jonah stayed home) except for eden, who had to go to the bathroom five times... no joke.
(note to self: don't let eden drink a large amount of liquid at the beginning of any movie)
afterwards, we visited the disney store because it is impossible to go to san tan village without stopping by that place.
jason and jonah met up with us for lunch of hamburgers and french fries at johnny rockets.
i love saturdays ;)

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