Wednesday, December 14, 2011

our elf on the shelf

i think my kids have been acting a little naughty lately because yesterday morning this tiny elf dressed in red was hiding up on our crown molding.
santa was sending my kids a message: you better straighten up because i'm watching you.
our new little elf friend has been doing his job quite nicely.
my kids have been acting much better and are so excited by the presence of this little north polean in our home.
we read the book that he left for us with all his rules and stuff and after much deliberation, decided on a name.
the name they agreed upon is..... (drummer roll)
charlie red.
i guess they like the name charlie and since he's dressed in red, he acquired a second name.
we are so thrilled that charlie red has come to stay with us and look forward to him visiting us in christmases to come.

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