Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas caroling with the breinholts

every year we go to jason's uncle's house for a night of dinner, caroling, mingling, and donuts with hot chocolate. as soon as we arrive, the kids go crazy running around with all their cousins from this to that. i can never find them or get them to eat dinner. when the time comes, we all load up on a trailer (a very large semi sized trailer) full of hay and even a santa clause in his sleigh. we ride through neighborhoods snuggled together singing carols and waving to all the people who come out of their houses wondering what the heck is going on. it is quite a sight to see. when we get back, its donuts and hot chocolate and warm fires. the kids go even more crazy and play and play. we literally have to yank them by their ears (not really) and force them into the car when it's time to leave. it is truly a wonderful tradition that we look forward to every christmas season.

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