Thursday, November 17, 2011

this never happens

my 16 year old sister stayed with us for a couple of nights. so, we took full advantage of it. we went out for ice cream... on a tuesday night. which is completely unheard of when you are parents to four small kids. we felt such like rebels.

we went to one of our favorite ice cream places, nielson's frozen custard. luckily, we got there right before they were closing. i, of course, got a banana split. they are my absolute fav. i switched it up a bit, though. i got it with chocolate, vanilla, and pumpkin custard topped with fudge and marshmallow cream. it was pretty dang good. jason always gets the same too, a concrete, which for him is chocolate custard with brownies. it was such a nice treat to get to sneak out on a weeknight for some dessert and some one on one with my husband :)

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