Monday, November 21, 2011

gilbert days 5k

jack and i ran in a local 5k this past weekend. i thought i would be good motivator for jack and that i would run along side of him to keep him going if he got tired or discouraged. well, i was wrong. this kid can run. just a couple of minutes into the run, i told jack if he wanted to go ahead he could. so, he did. he ended up finishing about 3 minutes faster than me. i am pretty out of shape but still, my 7 year old beat me in his first 5k ever. and he was the first to let me know. although, after he got done bragging to me about how he beat me, he preceded to tell me that i still did a good job. (ahh, thanks jack)

*jack finished 5th in the 8 under division and we were so surprised at his skills but yet so proud.
(thanks to the fam for cheering us on)

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