Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a cinnamon roll weekend

this past weekend i decided to sell cinnamon rolls since we have been having some much anticipated cooler weather. (because who doesn't appreciate a yummy warm cinnamon roll on a cool morning?) i used to sell lots of cinnamon rolls every weekend with my sister in law but since she has moved away, i don't do it as often. but the autumn season sure does bring out the baker in me. the best part about baking cinnamon rolls is the way my house smells all day long. my kids sure do reap the benefits as well. they get to eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner whether i like it or not. they literally go crazy for them.

i thought i was done baking on saturday but eden snuck up on the counter and decided to eat somebody's ordered cinnamon rolls so i had to bake some more on sunday. which is why it was a cinnamon roll weekend and the reason for eating these little guys for every meal. they sure are a treat. i also want to thank my sweet husband for waking up with me at 5 am on saturday morning to help me bake :) he is such a good sport.

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