Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the breinholts go camping

labor day weekend 2011
forest lakes, az

(ava 5 minutes after we had arrived)

normally, i am not a camper.
but if it means escaping this dreadful record breaking heat for a couple of days,
then, yes, i am totally a camper.
and i actually had so much fun that i might actually become a real camper.
(minus the sleepless night due to ava having some major stomach issues.)
ahh, the weather was incredible.
the kids were dirty as ever but were happy as larks.

as night began to fall, the dancing was just getting started....

crawdad fishing with homemade fishing poles.... a stick, some fishing line, and bacon for bait.

what we did:
quad rides
card games
paintball shooting
bocce ball
four wheeling
watched a movie in the outdoors
ate yummy authentic mexican food
got dirty... real dirty
crawdad fishing
dirt biked
peed in the outdoors
camp fires
bonded with cousins
enjoyed mother nature

the end.

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