Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a good friday

this year, good friday was full of events.
it was earth day, my mom's birthday, and the annual daley easter egg hunt.
in the morning, the kids searched my parents backyard, high and low, for easter eggs.
it was quite the hunt.
following the search, a massive delicious breakfast was served.
we then celebrated my mom's ??th birthday that evening with an outdoor bbq.
the kids swam in the frigid water while the adults stood by.
we had an "egg"celent day.
so cheesy, i know. just couldn't resist.

here is the egg hunt in pictures.
eden getting some help from cousin lexi and aunt kayda.
eden only liked the fake eggs. she would shake the eggs to hear if they had candy in them.
bottom line, she ended up throwing all the real eggs back.

counting the eggs to make sure they are all accounted for.
ava using her easter bag as a hat.

the end.

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