Saturday, November 6, 2010

halloween 2010

halloween was on a sunday this year.
which means the day was probably just like a lot of other lds families.
we went to church, watched some football, carved pumpkins, and then got our kids all dressed
in their costumes only to tell them that instead of trick or treating this year,
they get to pass out candy.
sounds fun, right??
i guess getting candy doesn't compare to giving it away.
but, the nice/felling bad for our kids parents we are, we broke down and still let them do some trick or treating on our street.
it didn't help that, ironically, our sacrament meeting topic was on keeping the sabbath day holy.
whatev, the kids still had, we had fun, and another halloween goes down in the record books.

pumpkin carving on the back patio.

the costumed:
jessie #1 , captain hook (not to be confused with captain jack sparrow), and jessie #2

the jessie's heading out the door.

hope everyone had a happy halloween :)

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