Tuesday, October 5, 2010

october showers

it's always a joyous time when in rains here in the desert.
we have had such horrible record breaking heat that i had pretty much lost all hope of ever getting out of the one hundred degrees.
lately, i have been yearning to live somewhere where they have 4 seasons.
what would that be like?
but, i have to say, there is nothing like rain and thunderstorms after a five month summer to help cool things down.
jack could hardly contain himself when he got home from school yesterday.
first thing he did was he tore off his shoes and socks and headed outside to run through the rain and puddles.
ava thought she would join him as well.
and, let me tell you, dancing in rain puddles is way more fun in a sequined flapper dress.

jack and ava showing off the raindrops on their clothes.

we have been so lucky to have rain the last 3 out of 4 days.
i just hope it sticks around for a little while longer.
highs in the 80's is my kind of weather :)

*ava and i also heard one of the longest and loudest claps of thunder known to man.
it was loud.
it like shook the whole house.
sooo octoberish.

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Kara said...

that clap of thunder was CRAZY. drew and i were in my closet and we both freaked. he said, "that was NOT awesome." you know it's been a long summer when these wet dreary days put you in the best mood known to man. i love it!