Monday, September 27, 2010

eden's new wardrobe

i was scrolling through pictures on my camera and came across some ones with eden as naked as a jay bird riding ava's bike.
every now and then, jason grabs the camera and captures some pretty hilarious events that i get to laugh at days later.

right now, eden is sort of going through a naked stage.
i have to put her diaper back on and redress her at least 30 times a day.
it's pretty ridiculous.
but, in her defense, it is the end of september and still a 105 degress outside, so if i could get away with running around naked anywhere and everywhere, i would do it to.
i just hope she grows out of it soon and i don't find her living in a nudest colony in 20 years.
let's face it, babies are way cuter naked than old people.
sorry for the visual.

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