Friday, July 2, 2010

red faces and a swim meet

jack had has last official swim meet of the summer.
he was branded with a williams field barracuda tatoo.
he was very proud of it too.
it's a special one that doesn't come off in the water, so he says.

Q. what does a thursday evening swim meet in july and arizona have in common?

A. red faces.

it was a bazillion gazillion degrees.
poor eden was thankfully distracted with pringles and apricots.
either that or she was just having the life sucked out of her from all the heat.
nonetheless, jack rocked in the butterfly but took it easy in the freestyle.


1 comment:

Rich and Crys said...

I am laughing my socks off. (Or would be if I wore socks.) He is sooo stinkin' cute!!! I love, love, love him. ;)

At least your chitlin's red faces were from being hot and not from a careless mother who forgot to put sunblock on her kiddies this 4th of July weekend. (What crazy mom could forget something like that? Geez!)