Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a winter wonderland

durango, colorado 2009-2010

(the snowy roads of colorado)

we had an exciting road trip up to the mountains of southern colorado with my family.
we were driving great through arizona and new mexico, but then as soon as we entered colorado a massive snow storm hit and sent us sliding all over the place.
we were stranded on the side of the road for over an hour and eventually said a little prayer for help and were able to make it back to a nearby town were we spent the night.
the next day, still snowing, we cautiously drove up the mountain again and were able to find snow chains when we got into durango.
this allowed us to make it up the rest of the way to durango mountain ski resort.
i am soooo glad i don't live in the snow.

or at least that i don't have to drive in it.....

we arrived.

jack and ava couldn't wait to play in the newly fallen snow.
ava the "snowmaid".

we rung in the new year.
happy 2010!
jack was all geared up for ski school. 20 layers later.
ava and kayda.
the next couple of days were crisp and clear.
jack loved ski school.
his instructor said he was fearless and that he couldn't stop calling him "coach".
eden seemed to enjoy the white stuff as well.
minus almost dying on the icy roads, it was one unforgettable trip.
at least next time we will be prepared ;)

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Nunes Family said...

What a fun trip. Glad you guys made it there safe.