Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the storm

last night, we were having family home evening and learning about the brother jared and all of his magical clear stones that christ lit up so jared and his brother could find their way to the promise land, when a big gust of wind pushed our garage door open.

at first we were confused, thinking somebody was walking through our door, until we looked outside and saw the trees blowing. 

and they were blowing.

maybe one last summer monsoon. we have had a pretty lousy season of rainstorms this year and a nice big thunderstorm would sure be nice. so we sat and watched the lightning strike all over the dark sky. it was quite a sight. and then a big a clap of thunder... and some rain. hooray it was finally raining. and then in 5.2 seconds it was over.

at least we get to leave for california in the morning and get the heck out of this heat. we are heading to hollywood where jason and his siblings are going to try to win us some money on the family feud. they will be taping on thursday and friday so wish us luck. 

a trip to hollywood, disneyland, and the beach is just what we need. (and some extra winnings wouldn't hurt.)

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