Wednesday, September 16, 2009

not so handy

last night i was doing a little measuring in the kitchen for my new renovations.
which include painting my cabinets and adding a subway tile backsplash.
amongst other things.

i didn't get very far.

while i was using the measuring tape it somehow got lodged between the plug of my mixer 
and the outlet.
as a result, i got zapped by some major voltage on my arm and then the outlet began to
pop and spark followed by black smoke.
it ended up blowing all the fuses in the kitchen.
wow. i didn't know measuring could be so dangerous.
this morning i had to carry my toaster to another room just so i could have some toast.


Carolyn said...

so you're really gonna do it! that is so cool, i'm jealous. Kara showed me the pictures yesterday. It is gonna look amazing!

glad your okay ;)

Kara said...

i am so excited... but maybe jason should measure :)

The Phelps said...

That is too funny! I actually shocked myself using painters tape over the plug outlets! No pain no gain huh? That's awesome you are doing your cabinets. I keep thinking about doing them but am too scared! Let me know how it goes! Sorry I've fallen off the face of the planet. We need to get together. I bet our girls would have a blast!

Kristin said...

What color? I'm so excited for you! Let me know how it goes, I'm dying to do my bathrooms and laundry.

scott and lindsey said...

oooooo.. the renovations sound exciting! great idea! you might want to leave the measuring to jason though- i don't know, just a suggestion. ;)