Tuesday, September 8, 2009

cali day 2 and 3

the "hills"

on thursday jason was away taping the family feud show.
so i packed up the kids and drove to one of the cutest outdoor malls.
it's in beverly hills and its called the grove.
shops line the cobblestone streets and there's
a double decker trolley that transports you from one end to the other.
at one end is a huge farmers market where we stopped to have lunch.
we scarfed down some delicious greasy pizza
and then jack and ava had animal shaped donuts for dessert.

ava devoured a pink frosted kitty cat donut.

and jack ate a green dinosaur.

jack enjoying his trolley ride while still savoring some of his dino donut.
we finished our mall trip at barnes and nobel.
i was reading books to the kids, specifically wacky wednesday,
when i got a text from jason:

"went to sudden death and lost. it was fun though"

what! i had a list of wishful things i would have like to spent his winnings on.
i was a little disappointed, sad to say.
i just thought for some reason they would win like 5 times in a row and that we would be
instant thousandaires.
too bad life doesn't end up the way we picture it.
we still had a fabulous day of window shopping at the fancy beverly hills mall.

day 3
i made jason drive all over beverly hills looking for the famous cupcake shop "sprinkles".
after an hour we found it. 
just past rodeo drive on santa monica blvd. on the right hand side.
they have a unique assortment of yummy tasty cupcakes.
they even wrap them up to go in a cute brown box.

i ordered a milk chocolate, black and white, strawberry, and chocolate marshmallow.
i wouldn't let anybody eat them until after our lunch which happened to be
disgusting mcdonalds.
we arrived back at disneyland and i grabbed the box of cupcakes and sat them ont the stroller.
by the time we walked from the parking lot to the park, all that perfect frosting
had melted into a sugary mess.
it was kind of sad but they still tasted like heaven.

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Our Family said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! You have to let us know when the show airs so we can watch it!