Saturday, June 27, 2009

the electric tape and the bees

i have this little bee problem.
i have actually had this problem for a couple of years now.
so, i thought i would be smart and take care of the problem.

the problem:
bees crawl up into these little holes under my patio table and do their business.
i'm not exactly sure what their business is but they need to take it eslewhere.

the solution:
i thought i would be so smart and put electric tape over their little holes.
that should do the trick, right?
c'mon a bee shouldn't be able to chew through electric tape.

the next day.........

well, they can.
and they did.

i just KNOW that little bee is laughing at me.
you may have won the battle, little bees, but you havn't won the war.
it is so on.

1 comment:

The Hall Family said...

I can't believe they went thru the tape!! I have under-estimated those things!! Hope you find something that works.