Tuesday, May 5, 2009

eugene marathon

usually when choosing a marathon to run, i consider the surroundings and wonder if it would be a place to have great vacation too. for instance, disney world, enough said. new york city, who wouldn't want visit there. san francisco, cool city. you get the point. so, one might ask, why eugene, oregon. well, any runner would know the answer to that. besides the fact that it is one of the most beautiful lush green places on the planet and i am now considering moving there (not really, okay, maybe really), but it is where running legends are made. the biggest running legend of them all, STEVE PREFONTAINE! one of my idols. i got that fuzzy warm feeling just seeing hayward field at the university of oregon where Pre (pre is what everyone called him) ran and set tons of american records. some of you may not know who he is because he died in his early twenties  in a car crash. check out his story. he is amazing and beyond inspiring. kind of like Rudy, but better.
mt. hood in the back ground. it has snow on it year round.
it is the "hood" over portland.
in eugene, we drove by a marijuana rally. pretty normal actually. so, there are a
lot of tree huggin hippies here and almost everyone
drives a subaru outback. not joking. our rental car...you got it...
a subaru outback.

did i mention nike was born here. that's right. Pre's coach at the
U of O used to make the soles of his running shoes with a waffle iron.
those shoes later evolved into nikes that later evolved into
the billion dollar nike company. crazy.

quoted by the great Steve Prefontaine.
are you inspired yet?
jason and i discussing where he will meet up with me along the course.

plastered on hayward field. no pressure.

Marathon Day
may 3, 2009
where's deborah?

(click here for race highlights)


all over. after running for just under 4 hours.
secretly, i am screaming in my head because my quads feel 
like they are going to explode.
my scruffy handsome husband who cheered me on
for the whole 26.2 miles.
couldn't have done it without this guy.
enjoying an ice cream treat with my fancy new medal.
it's back to brown arizona....
...and back to reality.

**stay tuned for charming homes throughout eugene,or.


Kristin said...

Darcy dropped out of High School to snow board Mt Hood EVERYDAY! Don't worry, he went back and graduated. Oregon is beautiful and Portland is AMAZING. We've thought about moving back but it's rainy...REALLY rainy.

Kristin said...

Oh, and way to go! That is one FANCY medal!

scott and lindsey said...

AMAZING!! i wish I could run a marathon.. i think I'd fall over and die though. Makes me happy you've kept up with the running all these years! its gotta feel great!