Friday, January 30, 2009

my bed

this is my bed.
the bed that isn't made.
the bed i was going to make before i took this photo but
decided not to, just to keep it real.
the bed i can't wait to crawl into at night and dream away for, cross
my fingers, 10 hours.  well that would be a dream.
the bed that they refer to on on cribs as "where the magic happens."
(take that how you want to.)
the bed that me and the husband share together.
the bed that my children love to climb into at 3am.
the bed that i would love to ornate with a bunch of overpriced 
but extremely desirable pillows from anthropologie.
the bed that my children love to jump on and have pillow fights.
my bed.

this, however, is
the bed next to my bed.
a bed designated for those children who love to climb into my bed at 3 am.
a bed that is always there for whenever a restless child
wanders upstairs in the wee hours of the morning.
a bed that is probably occupied 5 out of 7 days of the week.
a bed that gives me and especially jason a chance
to sleep almost child free when we are too stinkin' tired
to walk downstairs carrying a deadweight child 
to put them back in their bed.
a bed that my children hate but would rather sleep in 
if it means that don't have to go back to their bed.
a bed that will probably be next to my bed for a long time.


Amanda Bowen said...

that is a great idea. right now ty just sleeps with the dogs on the dog bed by our bed.

Lindsay Brummer said...

this is so cute!