Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Highlights

it's been a crazy month considering 
i gave birth, had a birthday, and celebrated christmas. 
not to mention, life has gotten a little bit more crazy since
guitar hero found its way into our house.  
it's pretty pathetic how me and the husband wait for an
opportune time to play, passing the baby back and forth
in between songs like a little football.
she's a good sport.

Here's a glimpse into our holiday season...

decorating the tree
jack untangling the lights... sort of.
ava getting the ornaments ready.
star power.

christmas card pics
my amazing children.
my amazing children wrestling in between takes.

the matching outfit pics

temple lights
all bundled up... and yes, it really was cold.
taking in the fantastic sights.
ava strutting her stuff.
jack so proud of paper which happens to be the 
family proclamation... in spanish.

christmas eve
making cookies for santa while swapping some spit frosting... yum.

the nativity.
the shepherd.
the angel.
and baby jesus... played by a girl in a pink blanket.

christmas morning
not quite awake yet after being woken up at 8:45am
on christmas morning.
enjoying the moment.
so mesmerized.
the classic run and slide on the floor,
hair blowing and all.
me, trying to organized stuff already.

eden pics
the yawn.
(yes, her eyes are really that big).
sweet baby girl. 
the end.

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The Hall Family said...

Love the holiday pics. Sounds like you all were really busy.