Thursday, September 11, 2008

the unfortunate one

First of all, let me start off by saying that I have the toughest almost 2 year old in the entire world.  Nobody better mess with her or else...   As you can see from the above photo she is missing her top front tooth.  This happened right before her first birthday when I was away for a girls night out.  I came home from the movies to find my precious baby girl had slipped and caught her tooth on a ledge and my husband explained to me that it was just hanging there.  So, what does he do, he rushes her to her papa's house, who is a dentist, to see what can be done.  My dad says he has to pull it because there is no way it can be saved.  While he was pulling it out, somehow he dropped it in her mouth and she swallowed it.  Yes, she swallowed her tooth.  Let me tell you how fun it was to fish through her poopy diapers looking for a mysterious front tooth.  For two weeks we looked (doctor's orders). No tooth.  I kept asking Jason if he was sure she swallowed it.  After he admitted to me that she actually gagged on it as it went down, I believed him.  As for the tooth... who knows... not even x-rays found it.  It's a mystery.   

So this past Sunday, we were getting ready for church and hear Ava crying.  I rush to see what is going on I notice within seconds she has a black eye.  Of course, I ask Jack what he did and he proceeds to tell me that he pushed her out of the chair because he didn't want her sitting there.  How a black eye evolves from that I'm not sure.  Not to mention Jack had ran into the table an hour before that giving himself a nice little shiner.  So, here we are going to church, two kids with matching black eyes and wondering what people are going to say.  Luckily nobody called CPS on us.  Just a lot of blank stares and "sure that's what happened" comments.  Kind of embarrassing.

There's more.  Today, Jack threw a toy at the side of her head and it instantly welted.  What more could happen to a sweet little girl. (hopefully nothing for a while) But I'm telling you that she is tougher than nails and her brother better watch out.  Sweet revenge.  By the way,  my kids really do love each other and NORMALLY play really good together. I know, you are probably saying "sure they do."


Marianne said...

what is the number for CPS again?! :) LOL

Brad, Briene and Brayden said...

Poor girl. You would think that Jack would be the one getting hurt. Isn't that the boys job. She is so adorable. I hope you guys are doing good!