Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Cal

What would I do if I had a couple million dollars lying around?  I would buy a beach house on Newport Beach.  I love this place.  My fam has been going here every summer since I was born.  They have the perfect sand, the perfect waves, and the perfect weather.  How could you not love it?  We had so much fun this year just hanging out and relaxing.  Ava was the funniest.  She would stay out on the beach for hours and roll around in the sand and didn't care how dirty she got.  Jack, on the other hand, has a slight phobia of sand.  He likes to play in it but doesn't like it to touch him.  hmmm.  I was kind of bummed having to watch all the surfers catch these nice waves while I sat on the sidelines five months pregnant.  I guess there's always next year.  The sacrifices we make for our children.  Overall, it was nice to get out of the Arizona sun and spend time with family and make new memories.  See ya next summer.

Newport Beach

Stinker face.  This basically sums up her personality.

The pic Jason took of me while I am saying "don't take a picture." Thanks babe.


The magnificent duo

Hoodlum #1

Hoodlum #2

Working hard on their sand castle

Ahhh... the sand is touching me!

Beach girl


Kaylani and Jake said...

okay....just one question! whare the heck are you hiding that 21 week belly??? i hate people like you, skinny butt!

Our Family said...

Hey girl!! You need to email me so we can get in touch. We need to get together!
P.S. Your kids are so cute!!

Nunes Family said...

Can I go with you guys next time? It looked liked a lot of fun! So your pregnant? You are sooo skinny wish I looked like you being that far along.
Best of luck. And Iam with Kristyn, we need to get together.

Heidi Phelps said...

Congratulations! I didn't know you were pregnant, you're way to skinny! Your kids are stinkin cute! We need to get together soon and have a play day!

The Hall Family said...

What a fun trip. I agree with you, if I could I would sell out everything and move to the Beach!! Even if it meant living in a 2 bedroom tiny condo :) I love all the pictures, your kids looked like they had a fun time.

Kara said...

that 5 months preg pic makes me sick. i know you've heard it a billions times so i am only gonna say it this time but i'll be thinking it every time i see you - fyi. oh, and see you in a couple hours. can't wait for that deliciousness!

The Millers said...

Your kids are SO CUTE!!! How fun to get to the beach for a vacation! By the are so skinny! I can't believe you are 5 months pregnant!!