Monday, March 31, 2008

Well, I thought I would do some updating since I havn't done any blogging since Haloween. I am still learning, quite frankly, and I am pretty much terrible at it. Did I mention I hate computers. Anyways, I know there are kind of a lot of pictures just thrown on here, but here is a little glimpse of what we have been doing in the last couple of months. Sorry about this underline thing, I can't get rid of it. It's so awesome.

I did it again. I ran another marathon. This time, Disney World. My friend Carolyn ran it also. It was her first and my 6th. It was pretty cool running through all of the parks. I would still have to say that the NYC Marathon was my favorite. I think. They all have their special moments.

Jack and Ava loving on each other. Doesn't happen very often.
Me and Ava on It's a Small World.
Ava loves animals. Disney's Animal Kingdom

Ava, Sheamus, Jack and Elyott at Epcott.

We actually got to see Mickey Mouse.
Hmm.... I wonder what's in there.
Jack and his singing friends at the Magic Kingdom.
Jack and Ava goofing off on our ski trip to Colorado.

It is so impossible to get a picture of both of my kids looking at the camera and somewhat smiling. As you can see. It is so annoying when I see other photos of kids who are always perfectly smiling and looking right at the camera. What I would I give.
Dad and Jack.
Mom and Ava.
Christmas caroling on the Breinholt trailer.
Jack getting caught stealing more candy.
Ava and Santa Clause.


Kara said...

I love it all!!! I'm impressed at all the great must have a good teacher ;)

Kristyn & Lorin Merkley said...

Hey girl, it's Kristyn Ritchey! Remember me? We have to get in touch and catch up. I miss you!

P.S. Your family is so cute!

Nunes Family said...

Oh my goodness is it really you? Your kids are so cute! I am glad I found your blog. Now you better keep it updated!
Britani Nunes (jones)